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New Year in Macau!

sunny 26 °C

Can someone recommend best hotel in Macau for New Year?

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Summer Fling

sunny 50 °C

Hot was the first feeling when I met you. Sunny was part when you’re always around with me. I don’t know but this summer brought a different meaning.

We were fine when we first met. We’re friends. You’re ok and I am fine. No expectations. Just friends. Then why with the sudden changed? You were bothered. I was clueless.

O summer. Just like the season. It’s good just for months. It will leave. Like you.


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How come my first entry had 84 visit? I did not tell anyone about my blog. hmp. #just wondering. Hope to get a message. Eggciting.

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sunny 50 °C

How do you deal on someone's stupidity? Answer. Kill them. Before they multiply. Sooooo annoying.

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sunny 50 °C



Of all the seasons we have, summer is ♥.

When I was younger, my idea of summer are plain activities. Beach. Fiesta. League.

But not until I met someone on a hot summer afternoon. It all changed.

Most people would say that it feels good to fall in love during February.

Hmmmp. I dont think so. :P

Right now, I just wish that summer is just a time and a place. Forever ♥

Summer love. ♥♥♥


Me: Summer kaba?
Him: Bakit?
Me: Ang hotttttt mo kasi!
Waley. :)

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